A New Diaper Fastener is Debuting!

>I stumbled upon some exciting news just recently. Up until now, there have basically been two ways to fasten a prefold or flat diaper–using the tried & true diaper pin method, or utilizing the more modern Snappi fastener.

Now, new on the market, a set of new diaper fasteners is about to debut from Boingo Baby Products! Rather than being a single fastener like a Snappi, these similarly clawed fasteners should be purchased in pairs so that you apply one to each side (more like the pinning method). They boast stronger grip and safer features and come in a variety of cute, vibrant colors (or you can buy them all in a variety pack).

Starting at only $3.59 each, these would likely be a very simple, inexpensive way to complete your stash of foldable diapers! I’m very excited to read the reviews on these once they come out–please let us know if YOU would like to post a guest review with us when these fasteners debut after pre-order! 🙂

1 thought on “A New Diaper Fastener is Debuting!

  1. Terri Babin

    >Hello! I'm so glad I stumbled acroos your blog, I am a cloth diapering mama myself, and I just started my first blog http://www.EcoCrazyMom.com. I would love to post a guest review when these debut, I can't wait to try them! I would also like to exchange links/buttons if you like my blog :)I am following via GFC, lets keep in touch.



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