When my third son was born, I decided to give cloth diapers a shot. I absolutely love them and want to share the info I’ve learned.

I started a blog www.theathomer.com but, soon after, I realized, I didn’t have enough time to really invest in building a following, so when I found everything cloth I asked if I could take over.

Now, here we are, and I’m ready to make a great site, that will hopefully convert many families to cloth.

Along the way I will blog about some of my other favorite topics, like breastfeeding, babywearing, teething, natural birth, circumcision(sp) and more.

Who am I?
I’m Mary Green, a mom, wife, friend, homeschooler, animal lover, and internet marketer. I like spending time with my family, making money online, writing, playing with my pets, and learning. God, do I love learning… I also love God, while I’m on that topic.

I live in Central NY (the state, not the city), and have been here my whole life. Yes, the winter gets cold, very cold, but, I’m used to it, and most of the time I don’t even wear a jacket. I love my life, love to meet new people and hope to make new friends in cloth diapering.

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