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Forming a partnership with Everything Cloth in its early days will continue to pay off exponentially for businesses in the days to come. We currently have plenty of open space to take on new advertisers and featured businesses at rates that will be the lowest they ever will be.

Read below to find out more about the specific opportunities we have for advertising and featuring your business, shop, or website, and contact us to negotiate an arrangement and quote.

Opportunities for Advertising:

If you join with us as an advertiser/sponsor, your 125×125 banner or logo will be featured on every single page of our website, in the right-hand column. Ads are placed on a first come, first served basis. Prepayment is available for up to 12 months at a time. Payment can be made securely over PayPal. Please contact us for rates.

Opportunities for Directory Features:

Any site can be listed for free in our A-Z Directory. However, within the directory, your site can be featured with your 125×125 logo on the right-hand side of the page. As readers simply scan through a lengthy list of vendors, your business or website will stand out from the others when it is featured in this way. Rates for this service are minimal; please contact us for further information and to reserve your spot.

Opportunities for Business Biographies:

Any site can be listed for free in our A-Z Directory. However, the free listing will link only to your URL with no further information. For a one-time flat annual fee, your business can be featured in an entire biography of its own. Next to your business’ link in the directory, readers will have the choice to “READ MORE” about you. Clicking on a link will take them to an entire biography page about you and your company or website. Businesses can provide their own write-ups, or one can be written for you once a set of interview questions are answered over email. Business biographies will also include a digital business card which will guide readers quickly and easily to all your various forms of social networking connections, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, email, and more.

In our experience, business biographies are one of the best ways to boost interest in your business. Customers love to know the stories behind a business before they become its patrons. Are you a WAHM? Do you have interesting family stories or connections of your own that got you into the cloth diapering industry? Are your products socially or environmentally responsible? Do you work with charities or nonprofits as a company? Answering these types of questions on Everything Cloth, a “one-stop” overview to the world of cloth diapering, will be enough to make curious customers click-through to your sites.

Please contact us to set up a business biography today.

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