Best Cloth Diapers for Skinny or Chunky Babies

It seems like I am always being asked what is the best cloth diaper. I have used several, I love them, I buy them regularly and sometimes a free one comes in the mail for me to try (yay!).

So, what is the best cloth diaper?

For skinny or thin babies, I would say Fuzzibunz seem to be the most popular, work pretty great, are a decent price, and work great for little babies, I would guess to say the 50th percentile on the baby charts or less.

Of course, you can use them at more or less, but my baby is a more chunky baby, at the 75th percentile, and fuzzibunz was just not something we loved for him. It didn’t seem big enough, the stuff pocket was so thin we had a hard time getting our hands in there, and men, good luck with that.

For chunky babies I love Bluberry. These diapers have so much room to grow in, but don’t seem to thick or cushiony. I love their designs, they have never leaked, they wash fantastic and the PUL holds up (8 months going).

These are my favorite diaper. They are more expensive though, so I usually buy them when they have a clearance sale and I can get them for $10 each. I use my extra Kawaii inserts with these.

Average Babies- bumGenius

I use a lot of bumGenius pocket diapers. I absolutely love them, they were the first diaper I wanted to try, and I love how well they work. They snap closed great, there is a lot of room available for him to grow and I actually believe they will fit him until he is potty trained.

But they don’t have as much room as Blueberry, and they are bigger, and have more cushion than Fuzzibunz. There are not a lot of designs, but several colors.

Of course, these are all pockets, that’s my specialty, I’d love to hear what you all think about different types of diapers though.

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