I’ve always been a fan of items that serve dual purposes, so I love prefolds for that reason alone. But, there is a super awesome prefold that kicks butt! Did I mention it was awesome?

The Bunzuke prefold isn’t a regular prefold. It folds, and turns into many forms to use in diapering. It’s a prefold that snaps up, turns inside out, does is super cute. It comes in a bunch of colors, and sizes too.

Here is a video that I watched, when I first decided I needed to try one of her diapers. As I was watching, I said to my husband: “I’m way too interested in this!” Yes I am addicted to cloth, and these diapers are just the thing to get me to give prefolds another shot.

I think the price for this is great, because it works as a fitted and a prefold, doubles as an insert, and the elastic is adjustable. It’s fabulous.

She’s sending me one to use on my son, and after a week of using it, I’ll post about how great it works. I’m sure I won’t be disappointed. Check out her site and grab a bunzuke convertabunz for your little one

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