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Giveaway Details- Ended

Late Monday night, Tuesday morning, the bumgenius giveaway ended. At that time I went ahead and pulled a winner. She was contacted and has since sent in her address for the diaper.

There were just over 800 entries for the diaper, and it involved over 70 people. On average each person had just about 10 entries. Keep this in mind when you are entering other giveaways, because if my numbers were any indication, the number of entries doesn’t relate to the number of people, and your chances. There is a bigger chance you will win, than you think 🙂

This week has been really long and tiring. Baby has not been sleeping well, unless he is in our bed, instead of right next to it, in the cosleeper. Last night I gave in, let him sleep in bed. Tomorrow is the second edition of the Cloth Diaper Weekly and I will be sending it to everyone who entered the giveaway. I am very excited to get it out there, and hope that people enjoy it.

Watch for tomorrow’s post.

Cloth Diaper Stripping

New Owner & Site- Giveaway

I promised that once I got the new site up and running, I would giveaway a bumgenius cloth diaper. I got this on my own and wanted to give it away to those who follow Everything Cloth. I am the new owner behind Everything Cloth and I love cloth diapers. I’ll be posting pics of my baby model in some of his cool diapers soon, but wanted to set this live.

***First time with Rafflecopter*** Please help me by telling me immediately anything you see me doing wrong, I’d really appreciate it!!

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