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Funky Fluff Cloth Diapers Are Awesome

Funky Fluff cloth diaper in blue Awhile back I won a new Funky Fluff cloth diaper, from a new company in Toronto. They came out with a new design on cloth diapers, where their only diaper is a pocket, an AIO and an AI2.

I’m a big pocket diaper fan, I love how easy they are to use, and really how easy they are for hubby to use. They are as simple as a disposable, but way better for everyone involved.

I was not patiently waiting for my Funky Fluff to come, I wanted it Yesterday, if you know what I mean, but when it finally got here, I was so excited. In fact the same day I told the local cloth diaper store about it.

My first thought on the FF was that it was a beautiful blue color, and it had grey/silver snaps. But it was so Fluffy!! It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die, ha ha! (Despicable Me Movie)

I opened it up, and saw the bamboo, and oh! how I love bamboo, it is so soft and pretty. Then I pulled out the insert to check it out. It was thin, but bamboo works well, so this wasn’t an issue for me, plus there was a smaller one, so I could double it up if I wanted.

The normal size insert can snap in, inside the pocket or outside of it, or just lay in the pocket if you wanted it to agitate itself out, during wash. Because it opens on both ends. The front end though covers quite a bit down the inside of the diaper, so I’m unsure how well it would agitate out, though I’m sure it’s been tested.

I can’t test it myself because I don’t think front loaders are a good indicator of that working- does anyone know for sure?

The front of the diaper has 4 size settings for the height, and then snaps across top to close diaper. Not sure if they have h&l though. What I didn’t think really like was that there are only 2 sets of snaps for the height of the diaper, it seems like the middle doesn’t have the security to stay in place, like most with 3 sets. That said we’ve used it enough times and it doesn’t leak or cause any problem.

The only issue I have with diaper is the bamboo, which, like most organic fabrics, stains easily. I know I can sun it, but I haven’t gotten there just yet. Other than that, the absorbency is great, the fit is great, the colors awesome, and it offers many conveniences.

Thirsties Cloth Diaper Review

Our baby in his thiristies cloth diaper in september 2011When baby was born two of the first cloth diapers we bought were sized pocket diapers by Thirsties. We also got their cloth wipes, and have used their prewash detergent as well.

Thirsties Diapers Reviewed

So we bought the first size pocket diaper (two of them) and they had hook and loop on the front. After using it for a few months, here is what I noticed.

  • I loved having openings for the inserts in the front and back. I suppose now that this might have meant they were self agitating, but I’m not sure.
  • They didn’t stain much at all.
  • The double inserts that snapped together were awesome. I don’t know what fabrics these were made of but one was terry or microfiber and the other may have been just cotton or hemp. I liked snapping them together and sliding them in the pocket.
  • I never had to strip them.
  • They didnt fit up to 18 pounds. In fact I’d say at 15 pounds they were not fitting anymore. I was sad because I really liked them.

Thirsties Wipes Reviewed

The wipes were very soft, but I would like to suggest they have them sewn to stay in place. The two layers move apart from each other when you are using them, but they are so very soft. They absorb water very well, I would recommend using some kind of solution to get them wet as they are much more effective this way.

Thirsties PreWash Reviewed

We bought a bottle of this in November, so about 6 months ago and we are almost out of it. It lasts quite awhile. We put it in the wash cycle after a rinse cycle, it helps with the prewash and has really helped keep our diapers from needing to be stripped. We don’t have a lot of stains and we do put our diapers right in the wash, all solids dropped in the toilet.


Funky Fluff Cloth Diaper

New funky fluff cloth diaperThis week I will be receiving a brand new cloth diaper from a brand new company called Funky Fluff and I am so excited!!! I won the diaper in one  of their giveaways on Facebook and I can’t wait to put it on baby.

Because I am so excited, I offered to put an ad for them on my site, and a small write up about what makes their diapers different. Check it out below.

What Makes Funky Fluff Different?

The Funky Fluff 3-in-1 diaper is the only diaper designed to be used as an “All-in-1”, “All-in-2” AND “pocket diaper”. It is a One Size design fitting babies from 7 – 35+ lbs and is available in Bamboo and Stay Dry. Each diaper is sold with a light and heavy duty soaker. You can pick from an assortment of colours with a unique funky coloured “belt” on each diaper.

I will try my diaper out for a couple of weeks and then post a review on here about it. I just love getting new fluff, do you have anything coming in the mail this week?

Go look at their site here!

Babee Greens Wool Cover Review

babee greens wool cloth diaper cover in blue on babyMy Babee Greens review- Late last year I was able to pick up a Babee Greens wool diaper cover. I haven’t taken pictures of it yet, but it’s a nice light blue color with snaps on it, in most regards, it looks like a pocket diaper.

It’s all wool though, and they have a lot of beautiful colors. I believe the price was around $34.95

I bought a size medium and had planned on using it with Kissaluvs size 1 fitted cotton diapers. We’ve now used both the Kissaluvs and Babee Greens quite a few times and I feel like I can give my opinion about it.


  • I bought the size M cover, and it is a little big on my 20 pound baby.
  • I love snaps, but the way this cover works is the front snaps onto the sides, it seems like it doesn’t close well, perhaps a lack of elasticity, and it’s a bit big on him. I feel that the way the snaps are, it makes it difficult to fully cover everything, because it just doesn’t seem as secure.
  • It is nice and thick, but still breathable. The wool works beautifully, even though I worry about the closures. Every night it has kept things contained, no problem there.
  • It dries great. Everyday we hang it on a hook to dry out, it doesn’t really get wet, but there is some wetness on the layer closest to baby.
  • I haven’t had to wash it yet, so I don’t know how it will work with that. We haven’t used it more than 10 times, so we will be lanolizing soon.
  • There are 3 sizes on the side flaps that the front snaps to, so this will grow with your baby for quite some time.
  • The wool is so soft, I believe it is called Merino wool.
  • It is put together very nicely, great quality.

I have to say I like the wool cover. I’ve used it with the fitteds and with prefolds and it keeps him dry. He is not a heavy wetter, but over night of 8 hours, and no changing, there are no leaks.

What do you think of Babee Greens? Share your comments below, I can’t wait to see what they come out with next.

Oh, and please share this post on Twitter or Facebook, I’d really appreciate it.

>Rumparooz & Other New Fluffy Stash

>Visiting Healthy Heiny’s
Today I went to visit a new (to me) cloth diaper store in my area. I was looking for Rumparooz cloth diapers, because, they look really great online. Here’s a video I found of them:

Those double gussets look awesome, huh? And there are more prints than a bumGenius or Fuzzibunz, and I love prints.

So, with the double gussets I wanted to try the Rumparooz, and I needed to see them in person, before I just purchased online. Even though videos and pictures are nice, there’s just something about feeling the fabric, checking out easily the snaps work, and running your hand over the inner layer to see how soft it will feel on your baby’s bum, right?

When I first got to the store, I almost lost it when I found the Rumparooz diaper covers first, I thought, oh great, I’ve come all this way (20 minutes, haha) and they just have covers 🙁 then I turned around and found the pocket diapers. They didn’t have the brand new prints I wanted, but they did have the kangaroos print, so that was good enough for me. I grabbed it, slipped off the cardboard around it, and started inspecting.

On the outside:
Beautiful fabric, nice branding tag on the bum, cute snaps (with kangaroos on them), and loads of snaps, because they have 4 sizes (yay!!) The snaps are nice too, brand new, shiny, and easy to click into place.

On the inside, sooo soft. The inner gussets are beautiful, and it just looks like it will be so nice on the bum. I’m not sure what the fabric is.

The pocket: I do not really like microfiber inserts, they work well, but everything seems to get on them. We have a lot of them from other diapers and while these might not necessarily be microfiber, they must be some kind of micro, because a wood chip from the shelf was already sticking to it.

I’d much prefer the hemp inserts, but she wasn’t able to switch them out. I didn’t want to pay another $10 per diaper for them. There are some stores online you can switch them out, and pay the difference, so in the future, I may do this.

The insert is very cool though, and beats just about every other inserts butt! It comes in a style to use it in 6 different ways, based on size and sex of your baby. Great protection, at least I am hoping, but it seems like it would make a big difference.

Now we still have to prep them, but I can’t wait to use them. We also bought an Osocozy all in one, size Large, and it’s just like a regular diaper. There is no flap on the inside, and it’s very thin, so I’m excited to see how this works out.

As far as the store goes, if you live in my area and get a chance to check it out, please do. The owner was there, with her mom and babies, and was really nice. They offered help probably 3 times, and were telling me about different products they have. They are doing a used cloth diaper sale on the 18th of this month, and making donations to Great Change.

Whims & Doodles
After Healthy Heiny’s we ran over to Whims & Doodles so that I could use my gift certificates from Christmas shopping there. I had $60 to use up. They only have a handful of cloth diapers, Flip, Econobum, bumGenius, Fuzzibunz, Thirsties. I love seeing the newborn diapers though, both stores had some.

I love this store because they have a LOT of the cool products I see online. Yesterday I saw the Lawn drying rack for dishes, and they had that, and they had these cool bead necklaces (forgot the name), made of silicone, for the baby to play with and chew on for teething, or while nursing. I’m not a jewelry mom, but I considered grabbing one for him.

Here I ended up getting 2 bumGenius pocket diapers in dark blue. I love the color, it looks great on the baby. I also got him 6 pairs of socks by Striderite because they don’t come off easy, and he would lose socks all the time if we didn’t use these.

I had hoped to find other teething toys for him, but didn’t see anything else that I loved. I know I’ll visit both stores again, because I love getting new things NOW, not waiting for them in the mail. And I highly recommend hooking up with your local store to find new diapers to check out. I love this for a few reasons:

  • Get the product right NOW
  • Check it out BEFORE you buy it
  • Help a local family (great feeling)

The Difference Between a Liner and a Soaker: Or, Why You Shouldn’t Give Low Ratings to My Favorite Products

>There are a lot of cloth diaper resources popping up out there. Why? Because cloth diapering is experiencing a resurgence in popularity and modern cloth has so many new options. Because modern cloth still has not become mainstream, parents looking to purchase cloth rely on the reviews and experiences of other parents who have used those products. This is smart because it saves valuable time and money when choosing the right diapering system for your family.

Parents who have used products are an excellent resource for whether or not a product works and is worth your time and money. They are in the trenches so to speak, using diapers and their accessories on a daily basis. In some cases there use may fall under the extreme: a toddler and pair of infant twins all in diapers. Since a lot of us do not find ourselves in this situation but can image the wear and tear on a diaper under these circumstances–a review from this parenting situation is highly valued. We trust that mom’s “been-there-done-that-try-this-not-that” perspective and opinion. Now if she can only find the time between diapers to write her review!

Which is why occasionally I happen across a diaper product review that makes me cringe and want to jump to the defense of that poor diaper product being berated for not working as the user hoped. This failure to live up to the user’s expectations could be for legitimate reasons or it could be that the user did not understand the product’s intended use. When you try to use a product for something other than what it was designed for, of course it is going to fall short.

We’ll take, for instance, the poor unassuming reusable diaper liner–one that I frequently use and has received many bad ratings. Yes, the company that makes these liners claims they increase absorbency and that you should use one in each of their diapers and can double up if needed. But, the intended use of any liner (reusable or disposable) is that it functions as an inexpensive way to protect your larger investment (diaper) from becoming ruined by either soiling (visual) or clogging with barrier creams and ointments (absorbency). It is not supposed to give you a few more hours of wear–cloth diapers are meant to be changed frequently, cutting down on the instance of diaper rash. But, a liner protects the current absorbency of your diaper by not allowing materials that would affect its usefulness to touch the surface. Plus–because they cost me $2 as opposed to the $25 my adorable pocket diaper costs–I don’t mind if I have to throw away the liner.

Diaper liners are made of thin materials so that moisture can pass through and into your diaper so that moisture does not sit against your child’s skin. So when I see reviews of these products and testimonials that say the liner did nothing to increase absorbency and that your diaper leaked because of it, I rush to the defense of the product. These are still cotton and need to be properly prepped (washing and drying at least 5 times) and then they are still only a liner designed to protect your investment. So really it should be the product description, in this case, getting a bad review–but not the product!

Since I am only one woman and I haven’t gotten around to trying all the products available, I cannot discount every bad report a diaper or diaper accessory receives. So how can you determine if these reviews are good or not before you buy? You can save yourself a lot of hassle if you know your common diaper terms.

Liner – Thin layer of material either reusable or disposable designed to allow moisture to pass through and keep solids and creams/ointments from touching the surface of a diaper.

Doubler – Thin absorbent material designed to slightly increase the absorbency of a diaper.

Soaker Pad – An absorbent pad made from various materials and used inside a diaper cover.

Flats – Large thin piece of material that is folded in various ways to wear as a diaper. (Snappi/Pins and Cover needed)

Pre-folds – Rectangular diaper with layers already in place and sewn together. (Snappi/Pins and Cover Needed)

Contours or Fitted – Diaper shaped absorbent material that make have velcro or snaps or need the use of a snappy. (Cover needed)

AIO – Absorbent material and waterproof outer all sewn together.

AI2/Hybrid – Diaper cover and absorbent material can be separated. Pad sits or is snapped into the cover. Pad can be reusable, disposable, cotton, hemp, organic.

Pocket Diaper – Pad slides into a pocket between the cover and the inner liner.

Cover – Waterproof material used to keep excess moisture contained.

About the Author: Shannon is a cloth diapering, extended nursing, working mother and wife. She is passionate about natural-attached parenting and blogs about her experiences at The ArtsyMama. She is also a Diaper Parties consultant with Everything Birth, Inc.