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Searching for Cloth Diaper Information

Have you ever been looking for some help with your cloth diapering issues, but not able to find the answer in your usual resources? Maybe you go post on a forum and hope someone answers, giving you the answer you are looking for. While that’s a great way to get answers, why not search loads of cloth diapering sites at once to find your answer immediately?

Now you can!!

Everything Cloth- Cloth Diaper Resource Search

There are over 50 sites in the resource and all you have to do is enter your search query (just like you would on google) and you’ll see only results from these 50 sites. I’ve included cloth diaper blogs, stores with information pages, authority sites, and forums.

Check it out, let me know if you know of a site that should be added, or if you have a suggestion, comment, qualm about it otherwise [email protected]


>It is with mixed feelings that I log on now for the last time to bid you adieu as the owner of The past year has been a whirlwind for me in my personal life–our sweet little baby girl turned 1, I returned to full time teaching at a wild and wacky junior high school, and I have most recently found out I’m pregnant with Baby #2 (and have the horrific “morning sickness”–more like all day sickness–to show it!)

Running multiple websites has been too much for me to handle as of late, hence the lack of updates recently. When approached by fellow cloth diapering mama, Mary, recently, I was happy to find just the right person to turn the site over to. As of immediately, Mary will be joining as admin, moderator, and blogger extraordinaire 😉 I hope you’ll join me in welcoming her as well as staying tuned for all the exciting updates and tweaks that are to come!

That being said, if you still want to find me on the web, I’m keeping up with my other blog, and you can always say hi over on our Facebook page for that site.

Wishing all of you lots of love and fluffy bums! 🙂
<3 Lisa

>Poll: What You’d Like to See


What type of posts would you like to see more of on
(can check multiple options)

articles about types/styles of diapers
articles about laundry topics
articles about issues/trends in cloth diapering
personal stories and anecdotes
‘in need of advice’ Q&A posts (from readers)
blog hops
product reviews
commentaries about and links to high profile diaper news
tips about how to use social media for your business
featured diaper/mom blogs/bloggers
business features/biographies
other (please leave comment) free polls

>PR Promo on


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>New Duds!

>Ahhhh, there’s nothing like a little Sunday morning web design during baby’s nap to cheer you up, especially when there’s colorful fluff there on the line to greet you when you log in from now on! 😉

How do you like our new look? More changes may slowly creep in over the next little while, but I’ve succeeded in doing the big stuff that I was hoping to get done. Feel free to use the old button still (on your sites & blogs), or grab our new one, if you prefer! As far as the header goes, I just couldn’t let go of my little tweety bird, so he still makes an appearance here in our new scape 😉

Just for fun… who thinks they can name the brands of diapers on the line, from left to right? 😉 No prizes up for grabs this time, but I’ll give you a public shout out and pat on the back on our Facebook page if you get it right … 🙂

>Cloth Is Green

> shop

Meghan, the owner and founder of Cloth is Green started her online shop because of a personal passion for using cloth diapers. Like so many moms out there, she felt at her wits’ end dealing with never-ending diaper rashes with her baby daughter. Nightly, she logged onto the computer and began to research alternatives. Time and time again, she kept coming up with cloth diapering solutions and decided to put cloth to the test. Not only were the new cloth diapers successful at helping her daughter’s rash, but Meghan found a bit of a personal addiction was waiting for her in the land of cloth. Amazed at the wide variety of choices as well as all the smart, innovative options out there, she was inspired to start a shop of her own, and Cloth is Green was born.

Meghan prides herself on stocking her online shop with high quality modern cloth diapers that focus on natural materials whenever possible. The shop looks for diapers that have unique features that make them easier to use or better for babies to wear. They also sell diapering accessories, cloth diaper safe rash cream, and nursing covers and pads. All of their products are eco-friendly, first by being reusable, and also by using sustainable materials–organic in many cases.

Meghan firmly believes that every parent should be able to know what they are putting on their baby. She says, “There are no secret ingredients in cloth! Cloth is reusable, sustainable, it is as easy to use as a disposable product. Cloth is eco friendly, Cloth Is Green!”

Based out of Shelton, Washington, Meghan says she would never have been able to undertake opening her dream cloth diaper shop online without the help of her amazing fiance, Greg. As her own personal IT guy and graphic designer, Greg has made the computer end of their business what it is today. It’s Meghan’s love of working with people that keeps customers happy and returning for the great customer service, though. Having worked for years in the retail industry, Meghan loves to share her knowledge and help people find exactly what they are searching for.

Meghan and her fiance, Greg

Apart from working on the business, Meghan and Greg love spending time with their two kids–one teenager, and one toddler. When the rainy Northwest weather allows, they enjoy participating in outdoor activities–anything from taking a walk to more exciting undertakings like skydiving, skiing, and riding motorcycles! Meghan couldn’t be happier with where she’s at right now, running the business of her dreams alongside her supportive fiance, and enjoying each and every moment of being a crunchy, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, babywearing, and cloth-diapering mama!

Would you like a featured business biography on your shop or business? Business biographies will be permanently located as a reference within our directory and start at $12.99. Contact us to set yours up!

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>Featured Blog: From Manager to Mom


Hi! My name is Kristy, and I’m a 30-something Project Manager turned Proud Mama from Ontario, Canada. I am married to my best friend and soulmate, Chris, and we have one daughter named Starryn Elora who was born in November, 2010. We love curling, travel and international cuisine, all of which we hope to share with our children as they grow up!

I began blogging in September 2010 when I was 7 months pregnant, as a way to document my pregnancy and me and my husband’s subsequent adventures into parenthood. My main motivation back then was to have a memento of this special time in our lives, to enjoy later and share with our little one(s). I also thought it would be a good way to hone my writing skills while off on my year of mat leave. Little did I know that it would provide satisfaction in other ways, from helping friends with diapering challenges to connecting with dozens of other great bloggin’ mommies to opening up the oh-so-addictive world of online giveaways!

Those closest to me know that when I develop a penchant for something, I dive into it with gusto and become borderline obsessive. 🙂 Blogging has definitely fallen into that category for me. In addition to my regular posts about motherhood and our daughter’s development, I use this outlet to write about my other recent infatuations including cloth diapering, saving time and money, product reviews and giveaways! I’ve also started up a weekly feature called “Memorable Monday” in which I highlight posts from other blogs which really resonated with me for one reason or another (for example, they may have been particularly hilarious, touching or insightful.) Finally, I may expand my blog to include favourite recipes in the future as well.

A few more miscellaneous tidbits about me:

* I would consider myself mildly to moderately crunchy. Aside from the aforementioned cloth diapering, I believe in natural, unmedicated birth, I compost and recycle, I clean with vinegar and I’m into buying and selling used items.

* I LOATHE clutter. So is it, then, understandable or ironic that I love the show Hoarders?

* I was one of the picked on kids when I was little, due to being skinny and having buck teeth. Kids are cruel, and cruelty really does develop deep roots. I still struggle with social self esteem issues from time to time to this day.

* I’m somewhat perfectionistic. This can be both a boon and a hindrance. It served me well as a Project Manager (for the most part) and sets me up for success when it comes to important goals, but it also slows me down when it comes to non-crucial tasks. Blogging, for example. I need to learn that good enough is often good enough!

* In opposition to the previous point, I’m chronically late for things. Y’know how someone will do something undesirable or strange and you say “Ah well, that’s just [insert name here]”? Well, being late is My Thing. I’m getting a bit better but still have a long way to go!

If I’ve piqued your interested, you can check out my blog here and/or follow me on Facebook or Twitter. I love connecting with other blogging mamas & papas!

Would you like to have your cloth-diapering themed blog featured in our free blog spotlight? If so, contact us to discuss the details!

>Poll: Your Laundry Routine


Tell us a little about your cloth diaper laundry routine: (check all that apply)
I am happy with my current cloth diaper laundry routine.
I am UNhappy with my current cloth diaper laundry routine.
I have a top-loading washing machine.
I have a front-loading washing machine.
Having a high efficiency (eco-friendly) machine is important to me.
I’d change my washing machine if I could.
I’ve had to strip my washing machine/dryer before.
I’ve had to strip my diapers before.
I frequently use my dryer.
I frequently use the sun to remove stains.
I mostly hang diapers to dry.
I use a cloth diaper recommended soap.
I’ve used bleach when needed.
I use some sort of dryer balls. free polls