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    Childish Notions began in Canada in 1997. This business, which imports and distributes juvenile products within Canada, was founded by Judith Berman and Leanne Segall. Prior to the business start-up, Judith had been traveling to South Africa with her husband, Jason, and their newborn son. While there, Judith and her family went away for a long weekend with her husband’s oldest friend, Derek, and his wife, Leanne, as well as the couple’s newborn daughter. The little ones were only 4 days apart in age and the South African family was using a product called the Daphne bath seat when giving their baby a bath. It was an incredible product, and that night over dinner Judith and Leanne sat discussing how it was not available to parents in Canada. Budding forth from that kernel of conversation came Childish Notions. The two women formed an inseparable friendship and knew that they would be able to play a critical role in bringing amazing international baby products to the Canadian parent market.

    Since its inception, Childish Notions has grown from the idea of sharing one simple bath product to a varied range of baby items. As a small company, Childish Notions continues to hand pick unique baby accessories from countries all over the world–items that make a difference to parents (often mom- and dad-invented) are the baby accessories that they focus on bringing to Canadian parents and caregivers. Childish Notions products are clever, practical, and the kind of things you wonder how you ever lived without.

    Judith shares: “Once a parent uses one of our products, they tend to tell their friends about it and it is through word of mouth that their availability spreads across Canada. Our product lines are found at most baby speciality stores across Canada. Our products are not necessarily always ‘pretty’, but they are functional and well made. That is how we began working with the Bambino Mio line of reusable cloth nappies. We recognized the impact of disposable diapers on our environment, on clients’ pocketbooks, and on babies’ skin, and we knew that this particular brand (which we import from the United Kingdom) is modern, convenient, and easy to use.”

    Bambino Mio reusable cloth nappy products

    The Bambino Mio brand name of reusable cloth diapers has become somewhat synonymous with the Childish Notions name here within Canada. Offering a variety of different healthful and environmentally-conscious diapering options, Bambino Mio slots perfectly into the overall business philosophy for Childish Notions. Judith and Leanne continue to be passionate about each and every product they select. They care more about practicality than ‘prettiness’ or ‘poshness’. As a result, they choose products that are well-made, respectful of the environment, and are genuinely useful for parents.

    Judith (originally of Montreal, Quebec), and Leanne (originally of Johannesburg, South Africa) still run Childish Notions jointly, and, nowadays, it is based out of Markham, Ontario. When they are not busy with the business, both women enjoy spending time with their families–husbands, children, dogs, and all!

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