flat cloth diapersFlats are square or rectangular pieces of fabric that are folded into different shapes as the absorbent layer of the diaper. With flats you must have a waterproof cover of either PUL, wool, or something similar.

There are a variety of ways to use flats, you can fold them to have an absorbent layer in the middle and leave them like or you can fold them to allow for more absorbency in the back, front, etc. They are usually made out of a birdseye cotton fabric.

You can also fold them to allow for more absorbency up front and less in back, with sides to your diaper to catch poo. A lot of moms who use flats also use a snappi to keep it in place. Snappi are shaped like a T and are really easy to use, they replace pins, so YAY!!! no more pokes!!

Pros & Cons Table of Flat Cloth Diapers

 Pros  Cons
  • Great for different absorbency levels
  • Use as inserts or doublers
  • Very cheap diapering option
  • Can be a very green option
  • Dries very quickly
  • Different folds seem like they could be uncomfortable
  • Covers are needed as well
  • More difficult for others to use to change baby
  • May need different sizes for different size babies

Why People Use Them:

These and prefolds happen to be the cheapest cloth diapering options, and when used with wool or other covers they work really well. A lot of moms love them for their versatility alone.

Popular Brands:

  • Hemp Babies
  • Oso Cozy
  • Swaddlebees

Videos of Folding Flat Diapers

Folding and using a Snappi

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