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I separate newborn cloth diapers from other types because they are a whole different cloth diapering world. These are diapers that fit the smallest of babies, 4 pounds, up to 12 pounds on average.

Most one size diapers are a good fit for babies from 8 pounds up to 35 pounds, but when your baby is smaller than that, what are you to do? You buy newborn cloth diapers! These are some of the cutest cloth diapers ever, because they are so small they can fit a doll, they are just so tiny. Even the prefolds are adorable (in my opinion).

What Kind of Newborn Cloth Diapers Are There?

There seem to be just as many as regular diapers, there are fitteds, all in ones, prefolds, covers, and more. There are fewer options for pocket diapers, all in twos, and hybrids. They are just so small.

From our recent blog post, you’ll learn that the best way to start is to get one or two of each different brand to make up your newborn cloth diapering stash, be sure to check out the post.

Here are some things to note about newborn cloth diapers:

  • They usually aren’t worn long, so they have a great resale value.
  • You can often find them for sale on eBay or other second hand places.
  • There are many colors available for either sex or non gender specific.
  • Preemie cloth diapers are also available, though some newborns will fit as small as 4 pounds.
  • To use straight from birth, make sure your cloth diaper has an option for the belly button.

What Brands Sell Newborn Cloth Diapers?

  • Rumparooz sells Lil Joeys (all in ones)
  • Grovia sells All in ones
  • Kissaluvs sells fitteds and all in ones
  • Thirsties sells covers
  • Bummis sells covers and prefolds


Here are some of my favorite Newborn Cloth Diapers on Amazon:

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Cost $29.90 $14.95 $12.95 $11.50
Brand Rumparooz GroVia Kissaluvs Thirsties
Product Lil Joey 2 Pack All-In-One Cloth Diaper, Platinum GroVia Newborn All in One Cloth Diaper – Owls Kissaluvs Cotton Fleece Fitted Diaper, Unbleached, 0 – Newborn 5-15lbs Thirsties Diaper Cover, Celery, X-Small (6-12 lbs)
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Find Newborn Cloth Diapers on eBay:

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