Pocket Diapers

Pocket diapers are cloth diapers that have an opening to put a soaker or insert into. The outside (pocket diaper) has two layers, one usually microfiber or microsuede and then the other is a layer of PUL fabric. The PUL fabric is waterproof and is what is used in diaper covers (that do not have the other fabric layer).

The Pocket diaper is great for:

  • Dads who want a diaper that is similar to disposable (just throw it on)
  • Day cares that don’t want to use other forms of cloth diapering
  • Fashion- loads of designs and colors
  • Not having to touch the poo
  • Fewer diaper rashes

Why I love them- they are adorable, easy for my husband to use, not difficult to fold or stuff, easy to snap, etc.

Who sells them, which are the best?

  • bumGenius- among other kinds of cloth diapers- great for the average baby
  • Fuzzibunz- only sell pocket diapers- great for smaller/thinner babies
  • Blueberry- my favorite pocket diaper- great for chunky babies
  • Kawaii- great for the budget!


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