• bumGenius 4.0 Pocket Diaper Snaps

    Product: bumGenius Cloth Diaper Pocket with Snap Closure

    Size: OS one size 8-35lbs Buy Now!
    Website: bumGenius one size pocket Cost $18.95
    Fabrics: PUL, Suede, Microfiber eBay
    Colors & Prints Available Amazon
    Hook & Loop or Snaps Closure Baby Earth

    All about bumGenius 4.0 Pocket Diaper

    This was one of the first cloth diapers I bought, and I still pick up more of them when I’m out and about.

    Pros and Cons of bumGenius Cloth Pocket Diapers

     Why I love them: Why I don’t only use these:
    • easy for everyone to use (dad, babysitter, etc)
    • easy to clean- throw in rinse, wash, rinse, dry
    • gussets don’t collect poo that won’t come out in wash
    • loads of colors
    • work great
    • easy to find everywhere
    • simple/easy fit
    • Only 2 prints available
    • The suede stains easily
    • Inserts are thick for nighttime
    • Pocket cover opening gets poopey (yuck
    • I’d like more insert options
    • No overlapping sides for roll up




    I do like these diapers a lot, but I like options too. I think these work great for lots of families for the price to buy and how long they last. I like the snaps A LOT, but not so much with Hook and Loop. See my hookloop/snaps debate for my reason why. The used I’ve seen resell better if they are snaps as the hook and loop doesn’t seem to last as long.


    Bumgenius cloth diaper

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