Prefolds are used with diaper covers. They are pieces of cloth that are sewn with certain layers in the middle, so that all you have to do is fold into thirds and cover with a diaper cover. There are many sizes and kinds of prefolds, not to mention brands. Everyone who uses these has their own preferences, they are a very versatile piece of cloth, and even after cloth diapering can be used for all sorts of things.

The original prefold- these are the prefolds that are come in different sizes, can be folded a few different ways, either into thirds and then used with a cover, or into thirds then opened at each end, and sometimes folded at the back end to “catch” the poo. There are sizes for newborns, small, medium, large, and x large. As the baby grows you buy larger prefolds.

The perfect prefold- this is a prefold used in the econobum diaper covers sold by bumgenius. These are “perfect” for most diaper covers, and are suppose to be able to fit 8 pounds to 35 pounds, based on how you fold them. If you fold them the short way, they work for smaller babies, the long way, they work for bigger babies.

Prefold Cloth Diapers are great for:

  • Saving money
  • Versatility
  • Many babies- multiples or through additional children
  • Washing and Drying

Green Mountain (from what I hear) is the best prefold, but I know OsoCozy’s are great too.

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