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    >In a group of cloth diapering moms I was asking about some new PUL fabric available, and I was told not to waste my time, because it wasn’t very good quality.

    This makes me wonder, how do I know what kind of PUL is quality? I mean, there are so many cloth diaper brands out there that I’ve always assumed, the PUL is good quality. When I read more on PUL I see that it is made to hold up to high heat, but what about pictures with the PUL coming off. It looks like a peel when it cracks and can pull back.

    For cloth diapers, I’ve read that 1 or 2 mil is the right thickness to use. But I’ve also read that sometimes 2 is more stiff, sometimes used for wet bags. What I’ve also found is that how well it works depends on the fabric it is used on. For instance, this article on PUL says that when it is used with cotton, there is some kind of waterproof spray used to make it compensate for the cotton use.

    Another thing I’ve read is that PUL seems to work different with print fabrics as compared to solid, which is why I’m guessing so many companies have LOADS of solids, and few prints. Of course, over the years, more companies are using PUL with prints, so that makes me happy, because I love cute prints on pocket diapers.

    I’m just wondering what every one else knows about PUL, and the different qualities of it. I really like prints and while some of the big brands do carry them, I want MORE!! Any tips???

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      Great article about PUL. I learn a lot and i enjoy reading it.

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