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Finding Your Local Cloth Diaper Store

It seems for some people, that finding their local cloth diaper store is a bit more difficult than it should be. You’d think that between the internet, the phone book, etc you would easily be able to find what you are looking for, but it isn’t that easy. In fact, I didn’t even know we had 4 cloth diaper stores in my area, before my third baby was born.

I looked on Google for cloth diaper stores and didn’t get any results that were helpful. I know it’s changed a bit in the last few months, and if you search now, you might, but the truth is, it’s just a MIGHT. So here are a few ways to find you local stores.

1. Go here: 
It’s a crazy link, but when you click it, it should work with your area, not mine, and should work to show cloth diaper stores in your area.

2. Go to BumGenius’ webiste: and select your country, state, etc. They along with Fuzzibunz are two of the most common brands used, so most stores will have them in stock. Here is Fuzzibunz link:

3. Check out the real diaper associations local directory to find the closest retailer.

Buying Cloth for the First Time? Go Local!
While the internet is great for finding deals on diapers you already like, going local is so beneficial for everyone involved.

  • You get to see & feel the diapers before buying
  • You are helping other families who live in your area
  • Most places have a trial program to get you started
  • You’ll get expert advice from another cloth diaperer

If you already know what you want, check out the internet, of course. I just recommend going local because I was so misled my first time in purchasing, from my own lack of knowledge of course, and the overwhelming amounts of information out there.

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