Flats: Unexpected Find #2


Yet again, resourceful moms are channeling our grandmothers and great grandmas who didn’t need official “diapers” to diaper their baby. Yesterday we shared a great find from Ikea–burp cloths which make great, inexpensive (& cute!) gauze flats! Today we share yet another great tip–we can’t really call this one a secret as it is common knowledge if you creep any sort of diapering message boards that flour sack towels (yes! the kind that you would normally use in your kitchen!) are one of the best versatile products out there! Usually you can buy these in inexpensive packs, which make these less than $1.50 per piece. Often square (or, in the least, very large and foldable), these towels are frequently around the 30″x30″ meaurement mark which make them very customizable as flat diapers. Use your various folds, twists, and strategies on them to get them to work just how you need with you little one. Not crazy about using them as flats? These can also easily be pad folded and used as doublers or even as inserts in pocket diapers.

Where can you find these towels? Well, really you can be on the lookout for them anywhere that sells kitchen goods. Frequently, cloth diapering mamas rave the most about the readily available ones at Target, but other moms have reported great success with flour sack towels they’ve found online, at Bed, Bath & Beyond, or even at the dollar store!

As these also double as fantastic rags, kitchen towels, crafting pads, or even hair towels (they are hairdressers’ secret faves, too!), buying a pack or two of these for around the house makes them a cheap, versatile find!

3 thoughts on “Flats: Unexpected Find #2

  1. Jessica

    >Thanks for the tip, I've used all kinds of things jammed into my pocket diapers in a pinch, also used a flat in a pocket outside when my fave Bummis covers were in the washing machine 🙂
    Amazing how adaptable we Mamas can be when need be 🙂

  2. Mom Savvy Media

    >And, of course, the other upside the using a flat in a pocket (rather than a microfibre pad, for instance) is that it launders WAY cleaner and will be less prone to buildup & the stinkies–always a plus! 😉


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