From Birth to Potty: What 5000 Disposable Diapers per Child Looks Like


Credit Notes: I tried for a long time to find a true “image credit” for this picture as I’ve been seeing it on many forums & Facebook feeds, but I couldn’t find the original source.  If you know where it has come from or who owns the rights to it, please let me know so I can give proper credit.  Thank you!

21 thoughts on “From Birth to Potty: What 5000 Disposable Diapers per Child Looks Like

  1. Christy

    >ummmm, WOW! That is just insane! That gives me some serious guilt over the fact that my son never wore cloth, my first daughter didn't switch over until she was 2 and my second daughter was 1. I guess some is better than nothing.

  2. Indu

    >We have been doing cloth since our little one was born, and we are so glad we did it. It isnt as much wrk as we thought it would be, and it is a cleaner alternative for our little one.

  3. Beth @ Sand To Pearl

    >Someone should also make a pile of dollar bills to show how many are wasted by using disposable. Then have a kid sitting on that pile of money, with a caption about a college fund.

  4. Everything Cloth

    >Beth, what a totally great point. I think the pile of money would be even larger than the pile of diapers! :O

  5. Nev

    >Another great photo would be of the chemicals they use in containers as to how much is being used for all of these…


  6. Anonymous

    >There should be flies or gnats in the picture too. Before we started cloth there was always bugs flying around the can with the diapers in it.

  7. Ginamarie

    >wow… thats crazy and disgusting. It took us till DD was about 9 months to switch to cloth, and I am so glad that we did. I dont think people realize that we wont being to survive without this planet… and if we keep treating it the way we are, it wont be here to support us anymore.
    (sorry about the mis-post earlier. I meant to say "it took us" not "it took u". I felt so bad when my husband told me it read that way!)

  8. Anna

    >Anon, some nappies are advertised as biodegradable but they have to be PROPERLY disposed of in a compost – you cant just chuck em in the bin.

  9. Anonymous

    >Thats shocking!! Im just in the process of making all of our cloth nappies for our bubba who is due anytime now 🙂 and after listening to some stories and my mum – im gonna try cloth wipes at home too. My Partner and i also decided just for fun to roughly put away each week what we would spend if we were to use disposables into our trust fund for our baby 🙂

  10. The Extraordinary Baby Shoppe

    >It's clearly a photoshopped picture, I have to wonder what the basis is behind it for claiming this is what 5000 diapers looks like. I am quite surprised at how small the pile is,

    susie 😉

  11. Donna

    >Perhaps someone could also show how much coal fired electricity was used to wash 5000 (uses) diapers, and how many lbs of laundry detergent etc and how many gallons of fresh, pure water was used. After all, fresh pure water is at a premium. There are trade offs but it is not always easy…

  12. Huncut Knitter

    >Donna, there is also a lot of fresh pure water, and coal fired electricity wasted to make a disposable diaper, not to mention the oil, trees etc. At least the water used to wash the cloth diapers can be recycled and turned back into clean drinking water either by nature if you have a septic system or if you have city water your municipality does it at their water treatment site. And washing diapers doesn't take a lot of detergent either. You use less than you do to wash your cloths. Typically 1tbs to 1/8 tsp if you have really soft water.

  13. Anonymous

    >Donna, I wash used cloth diaper daily along with dirty clothes. Surprisingly we just wash once (with washing machine) like usual, with less detergent. So no wasted water in my opinion 🙂

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  15. Irina

    I’m just a freshman when it comes to CD, just making the switch. Donna, I use the water that is being wasted when waiting for the hot before the shower to clean the CD’s, with a portable washer set up in my bathroom filling from the shower (shower hoses are amazing!). So it is pure water that would have ended up in the drain anyway, been given a use. With 24 gallons total, I get aprox. 8 lb of CD, which includes some 10 prefolds, 2 pockets, 4 inserts, 4 doublers and some 3 or 4 covers. That’s the equivalent of 14 disposables aprox. and it includes the pre soaking. So, by the time my little one is potty trained, I will have used some 8500 gallons of water. Aprox. what you waste by flushing the toilet in a couple of years, so, I would guess, it’s the same as being potty trained.

    Oh, I’ll leave some PUL non biodegradable in the environment. 14 covers….. (compare to 5000), and I may donate them once I’m done with all my children.


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