Funky Fluff Cloth Diaper

New funky fluff cloth diaperThis week I will be receiving a brand new cloth diaper from a brand new company called Funky Fluff and I am so excited!!! I won the diaper in one  of their giveaways on Facebook and I can’t wait to put it on baby.

Because I am so excited, I offered to put an ad for them on my site, and a small write up about what makes their diapers different. Check it out below.

What Makes Funky Fluff Different?

The Funky Fluff 3-in-1 diaper is the only diaper designed to be used as an “All-in-1”, “All-in-2” AND “pocket diaper”. It is a One Size design fitting babies from 7 – 35+ lbs and is available in Bamboo and Stay Dry. Each diaper is sold with a light and heavy duty soaker. You can pick from an assortment of colours with a unique funky coloured “belt” on each diaper.

I will try my diaper out for a couple of weeks and then post a review on here about it. I just love getting new fluff, do you have anything coming in the mail this week?

Go look at their site here!

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