Pampers Lawsuit Finally Settled

>Many parents have been avidly following the Pampers lawsuit regarding the severe diaper rash and chemical burns allegedly caused by the disposable diaper company’s new Dry Max formula used in theirSwaddlers and Cruisers diapers. Well, the lawsuit has finally come to an end, with rather inconclusive and disappointing results for the 59 parents who filed the claim. They received $1000 each for their wasted time (but not for any damages or harm, which Pampers maintains never happened). Pampers has made no revisions to their formula as they claim that the chemicals present indeed do not cause any rashes, burns, or other harm. I’m sure many parents would continue to claim otherwise, yet they have little power against this giant corporation, other than their power to boycott P&G products from now on.

You can read the full consumer report about the lawsuit’s outcome here, or read the hundreds of original logged consumer complaints here if you are interested to learn more about the alleged harm that came from the new Dry Max formula.

3 thoughts on “Pampers Lawsuit Finally Settled

  1. Willow

    >I used this brand and never had any problems. Conversely, when I used Huggies my baby had so many problems with diaper rash and redness. I wonder if it is a baby specific thing? Some bums are more sensitive to others, or to specific ingredient used in some brands of disposables and not in others?

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