Thirsties Cloth Diaper Review

Our baby in his thiristies cloth diaper in september 2011When baby was born two of the first cloth diapers we bought were sized pocket diapers by Thirsties. We also got their cloth wipes, and have used their prewash detergent as well.

Thirsties Diapers Reviewed

So we bought the first size pocket diaper (two of them) and they had hook and loop on the front. After using it for a few months, here is what I noticed.

  • I loved having openings for the inserts in the front and back. I suppose now that this might have meant they were self agitating, but I’m not sure.
  • They didn’t stain much at all.
  • The double inserts that snapped together were awesome. I don’t know what fabrics these were made of but one was terry or microfiber and the other may have been just cotton or hemp. I liked snapping them together and sliding them in the pocket.
  • I never had to strip them.
  • They didnt fit up to 18 pounds. In fact I’d say at 15 pounds they were not fitting anymore. I was sad because I really liked them.

Thirsties Wipes Reviewed

The wipes were very soft, but I would like to suggest they have them sewn to stay in place. The two layers move apart from each other when you are using them, but they are so very soft. They absorb water very well, I would recommend using some kind of solution to get them wet as they are much more effective this way.

Thirsties PreWash Reviewed

We bought a bottle of this in November, so about 6 months ago and we are almost out of it. It lasts quite awhile. We put it in the wash cycle after a rinse cycle, it helps with the prewash and has really helped keep our diapers from needing to be stripped. We don’t have a lot of stains and we do put our diapers right in the wash, all solids dropped in the toilet.


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