>Once again, here’s some of the top news and announcements from the world of cloth diapering over the past week or so:

Local Franklin, TN, Business Owners Team Up: Putting Cloth Diapers In The Record Books
(via PRWeb)

Modern cloth diapers are cost-effective, eco-friendly (via knoxnews.com)

Thief abandons diaper van with doors wide open (via Global Winnepeg)

Break the Cycle: Reusable menstrual prodcuts are affordable, eco-friendly and surprisingly convenient (via Best of New Orleans)

Are Diapers a Basic Need? (via Stoller Derby)

Fresh duty for diapers (via Star Tribune)

Great Cloth Diaper Change Sets Guinness World Record – Charleston, SC (via PRLog)

Help set world diaper change record (via canada.com)

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