To Flush or Not To Flush–What Do You Do With Solid Waste in Disposable Diapers?

>From a Baby blog at The Stir at, a very interesting article and topic of conversation has sprung forth! How many of you have heard the rumor or debate about having to dispose of poop in disposable diapers into the toilet to be flushed? The warning and advisory, after all, is printed on the sides of many disposable diaper packages (though it is less common to see it than it used to be, especially on some of the big name brands).

So, head on over to read this article and find out: is there really a federal law against putting baby’s dirty diaper in the trash?. Writer Amy K. dug around and did her research, going right to the governmental level to get the true scoop.

Once you’ve taken in this article (and the very interesting set of comments that follow it!), head on back over here and leave a comment on this post. I’d love to hear your take on this scenario. Have you always been in favor of flushing the poop? Will reading this article cause you to think differently about anything or make any changes to your personal routine? Do you know of any alternate laws in your area? We’d love to hear your take on it all!

3 thoughts on “To Flush or Not To Flush–What Do You Do With Solid Waste in Disposable Diapers?

  1. Willow

    >I heard about this before. While I do not think there are any laws in Alberta regarding this–I think it would be more publicized if they were–I have started dumping the solid waste in the toilet. It was more to do with the overwhelming smell coming from the diaper genie!! Now I know why water is all important in the toilet…it's not just for ease of flushing–it must kill some of that odor!

  2. Just Add Cloth

    >Law or not, it is probably a good idea.
    I was turned off by some comments telling the author to "do the right thing" and switch to cloth. Self righteous cloth users don't help our image or the cause.

  3. DBP

    Disposable diapers are one of the major contributors of landfill waste that it already reached it’s alarming state globally.


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