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  1. Cara Chilewski

    Hi, I have the worst time with cloth diapering. My first try was a failure for obvious reasons, we had bamboo rayon microfibers and hard water, there was just no getting them clean, so we gave up for awhile. We switched back again and are using prefolds and covers with fitted diapers over night. Things were totally fine for a few months and now no matter what I do my diapers keep getting ammonia stink, of course the fitted over nights are the main culprit. We have a very thorough wash routine. We use biokleen stain lifting plus (their recommended product for cloth diapering) We have an HE machine so we hand wash them for the first round in our wash tub and if the water is really smelly we give them a rinse in the wash tub as well, then we ring them out and put them in the machine for a rinse and spin cycle, then they go on a deep water wash cycle, hot water, extra heavy soil with an extra rinse. We leave our diaper pail open in a well ventalated space and wash every 2-3 days(My child does’t usually create enough laundry to wash every day), we rinse all of the diapers out in the sink before putting them in the bin, we have normal to soft water so no mineral build up. I am at a total loss. Do you have any suggestions? I am at my wits end.


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