Who’s Your Favorite WAHM Cloth Diaper Maker?

I love prints on my pocket diapers and diaper covers, and there seems to be no better place to find said prints, than on Etsy. For some reason, the big cloth diaper companies, don’t have as many prints, or focus largely on solids for some reason. I’m guessing it has to do with the quality of the PUL? I’d be glad to hear otherwise.

That said, I shop on Etsy, when I have the time and money to find prints that are cute. You really can’t go far on Etsy and not find something cute. For instance, if you go on there right now, and type in cloth diaper.

But, here’s the thing with these ultra cute diapers- how do you know how good they are?

I purchased some awhile back, that were soooo darn cute. I mean, the cutest prints I’ve ever seen. Once I got the diapers, I realized that even though they were OS, they were much smaller than a OS. It was harder to stuff than a FuzziBunz, which sucked, because otherwise I loved it. It has a suede like inner, and ooga boogas on the outside. Note, not all ooga booga diapers are the same, not even close, there are loads of makers who use that fabric.

So, I had also ordered a second diaper from her, that I thought was a pocket, but was an all in one. This too was far too small, I mean it fit for a bit, but I don’t like all in ones, and the flap on the inside seemed too small too.

I never got back to the lady. The diapers were cute, and very well made, but I didn’t know how to tell her what I really thought, and I know the feedback could have been helpful. So I wonder, how do you decide which WAHM diapers to try? Where do you look, how do you know if it’s any good, etc?

So, I’m looking for suggestions, please let me know what your favorite WAHM cloth diapers are.

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  1. Misty

    >I personally didn't really start trying WAHM diapers unless I was doing a tester or won a giveaway of some sort. That is how I found my absolute, hands down, favorite WAHM (Goo Goo Buns on HyenaCart).

    Since I do dabble in making diapers myself, I've gotten to know a number of other makers and have recently acquired a TON of different stuff that I'm SO happy I get to finally try! My personal facebook has a few albums devoted to the specific brands I've tried. I like giving them photo feedback because then they and future potential customers can see exactly what I'm looking at. It helps everyone.

    If I have a true issue (and I did with one brand), I will NOT post the issue. Instead, I emailed the maker to see what could be done first. Had she not attempted to correct the issue or even had just been snotty about it, THEN I would have put a warning on the review stating my issue. Thankfully, the maker was SUPER nice and actually went ABOVE and beyond what I expected.

    Its tough. It really is. Thankfully, BabyCenter.com has a few groups (Cloth Diapering, Cloth Diaper Sewing 101, WAHM Review Board, etc) that help IMMENSELY in seeing what others think about the diapers. And, its nice that if you are looking at a specific business, you can usually plug the name into Google, and you'll likely get many BabyCenter links and a few other feedback places.

    Unfortunately, Facebook recently removed the feedback area on the business pages, but many of the companies anticipated the change and were able to save much of the feedback that was left.

    The biggest thing to remember, though, is, as a customer, we MUST remember to leave feedback!

    Other favorites include (most on HyenaCart, starred are on Facebook only):
    -Molly-B-Cuties Little Cloth Booties
    -Pirate Booty Fluff (uses natural fibers only for sensitive bums)
    -EG Baby Designs
    -WunderUnders *(Trainers mostly)
    -Pixie Fluff (also does nursing covers)
    -And All That Scrap (also does mama cloth)
    -123 Cloth Me
    -Everyday Cloth (does other 'green' products as well)

    Whew! Sorry so long!

  2. Sara Halloran

    >This is where I have been buying from lately:

    Andrea is amazing. I stumbled upon her stuff when looking for a brand name fitted that she used to see retail. She is now concentrating on making her own diapers named 'roots'.

    First, she LISTENS. I tried a diaper and she took my feedback and made an even better (for me) diaper and I am thrilled with it. It fits better, it covers more and is more absorbent. I love that I am not out there searching for exactly what I need since she listens and makes me what I need. Second, she has really cool prints and if you find fabric you like, she will use it for your diapers. And lastly, she is a ninja on the sewing machine. ;o)

  3. Terry

    >my sister mellon is the brains and the super sewer of bebeMellons on etsy…you can also find her on fb

    she makes awesome diapers..and im not just saying this because shes my sister. i use her diapers everyday on my two youngest (i have eight kids) i love them!

    you should totally check them out!

  4. Everything Cloth

    >Wow, thanks for the feedback. I'll be checking these links out and posting about them. Even linking to each of you. Thank you.

  5. Meg

    >I've been in the CDing circuit for about 6 years now and I ONLY buy WAHM-made now. I just haven't been able to find a mass-produced diaper that is quality, affordable, absorbent enough, and CUTE! 🙂 These are some of my favorites:

    Bugga Bugga Boutique- http://hyenacart.com/stores/BuggaBuggaBoutique/

    Primm 'n' Proper Baby-

    Little Boppers-

    Guerilla Fluff-

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  7. Jessica

    I started my hope chest for my future children and I’ve been purchasing ARB cloth diapers. Angels Rainbow Bottoms diapers are the BEST! Affordable and adorable, what better combo! Everyone should check them out! You can find her on Facebook at this link: https://www.facebook.com/AngelsRainbowBottoms She is great! She sells premaid ones she has in stock and takes custom orders. She makes mamma cloth, cloth diapers, wet bags, blankets, doll diapers and more!

  8. stephanie ferris

    My daughter started cloth diapering a few years ago. She tried many different diapers. Some where from whams some were not. The best diaper by far we have found is honeybuns! Nicole, the lady who makes the diapers is awesome, she is the sweetest a d has great customer service. The prints are beautiful! These diapers are quality made and the fit is the best than any other we have found. My daughter is now expecting her second child and she is now exclusively honeybuns. You should try them you won’t be disappointed. She also has a group of honeybun mommas that are the best. These women are the sweetest ladies ever. It is a extended family where we all ask for or give advice, talk about our days, show off our babies, share in our joys and our sorrows. The best group of ladies ever.


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